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Our Projects

We're often asked by residents how they can best get involved with Wilmslow in Bloom.  As well as our ongoing projects, we have got some new initiatives for 2020 so that everyone can do their bit and get Wilmslow blooming again.

Adopt Your Street Sign


We've seen this project work in other towns and it's a really simple way to brighten up areas around the town.  Either individually or together with your neighbours and friends why not ‘adopt’ YOUR street sign?  It may just need a clean and polish or a tidy up of the weeds around it and for the more adventurous amongst you the addition of flowers or shrubs that can be tended throughout the year.


If everyone of our street signs becomes adopted in this way - imagine the impact it will have on our town!


We are keen to show how this initiative grows so send us your photos (before and after would be amazing) or once its in full bloom. We’ll add these to the website and our social media sites and they will also become an integral part of this year's submission to the RHS In Bloom Competition (we’re after another Gold folks!)


Please send your photos to to:  wilmslowinbloom@gmail.com  

The Community Garden

As ever we have had a busy summer at the Community Garden at The Temp. We have been having our weekly meet-ups on Tuesday evenings at 7pm since April. Everyone is welcome to come and weed, plant, water or just chat and enjoy the lovely garden we have all created. We’ve recently welcomed the beavers along to harvest the potatoes that they planted earlier this season.  They dug them up, and cooked them over a fire before eating them!

We were delighted to welcome so many visitors to the community garden as part of the Wilmslow Wells for Africa Open Gardens Day on Saturday 29 June - the first time that we have taken part in this fantastic event.

We'd love to see you on Tuesday evenings at 7pm - just turn up, meet new people and enjoy the garden.


Wilmslow In Bloom is now looking extra bright an colourful as part of our 'yarnbombing' of the town centre this summer.


Several groups of local knitters and crochet hobbyists have made an amazing array of items to add colour and personality to the town. Bees, flowers, bright stripes knits and much more have been added to tree trunks, railings, bollards and more.  Have a look at Grove Street, the Methodist Church and several shop windows which are displaying the work.  It looks great!


We're very grateful to everyone who has supported this project, including OXFAM who have provided a drop off point for spare wool as well as being super creative!

Raq's Grave

Did you know that Romany's dog Raq is buried here in Wilmslow?

The grave is overgrown and we have, with permission from The Romany Society, been tidying and replanting this area respectfully to the memory of Romany way of Life and his beloved dog.

Volunteers have been working hard to clear the area which looks much lighter, brighter and tidier and we will keep working on the project. 

If you'd like to get involved, please email

Ruth Menlove at rafm59@btinternet.com

The Pond

This derelict pond by the cricket pitch and the Leisure Centre was identified as an area that would benefit from attention some years ago and a grant from the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme was won to fund some of the work. The water was tested to ensure there was no evidence of newt habitation in May 2016 and 7 self-seeded sycamores were felled later that year to allow more daylight into the area. Teams of volunteers cleared saplings and growth in and around the pond. 2,000 bog-loving plants were introduced in February 2017. In 2018 a pair of ducks nested and raised 8 ducklings.

The pond is plagued with nettles and bramble that are helpful to wildlife but that will choke the planting around the pond. There is an ongoing programme to keep both species under control.

Across the road the Old Stables building is under renovation. Some bird cherry trees adjacent have already been removed to help protect the foundations. The In Bloom team has been working in this area to clear holly to open and improve the appearance of the area. Work is ongoing. Hedging whips have been planted around the electricity sub-station that will, in time, help disguise the amenity.

Contact: Ruth Menlove rafm59@btinternet.com

Wilmslow Station

Volunteers have been working hard to make Wilmslow Station look even smarter and more welcoming.  Large half barrel planters have appeared on the platforms (donated by Wilmslow Garden Centre and painted and filled by Phil Barton and his team.  New planters at the front of the Station were donated by STE Waste.  

Volunteers have been tidying and weeding the large bed by the steps to the station car park and cleaned and re-varnished the Incredible Edible Apple.

Chapel Lane

Chapel Lane has had plenty of work going on to make it look fantastic this year.  New planters as well as a pocket garden which has been installed in a veery unloved part of the Lane.  Led by Julie Dawn Potts, volunteers have cleared an overgrown patch of scrub, planted it up and decorated the adjoining wall.  It looks tremendous.  

The whole area is greatly supported by the local businesses and residents who really 'Love the Lane'.